More Tropical Weather and News on Global Warming

     Well, we are finally getting a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico, but Lee is moving in the wrong direction.  We need a storm to move into Texas…slow down…and gradually move up toward OK and AR.  Even though this storm is moving to the northeast, we will at least get a break from the intense summer heat.  Labor Day may only see highs in the upper 70s…that right – upper 70s.  Lows could drop into the upper 50s giving us just a slight taste of fall.  I’m ready for it.  Bring it on.  I also read on a tweet that the new Farmers Almanac is predicting a “wet and wild” winter. 

     OK, on another of my favorite subjects — Global Warming.  Here is a link to a new study that shows we are NOT responsible for global warming.   What have I been telling you for years. 

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Finally, We May See Our First Hurricane of the Season

     Irene is the 9th named storm of the season, but may become the first to reach hurricane status.  Latest guidance takes Irene right into southern Florida.  Unfortunately there is not much of a chance of this storm heading toward Texas.  Here’s a link to the National Hurricane Center where you can keep up with tropical systems.

     The blistering heat continues in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  We have been lucky the past few days with highs only in the 90s.  In fact Mike’s Weather World picked up about .40 inches of rain this morning, keeping it a little cooler.  And that a good thing considering we have a cracked fan blade on our downstairs air conditioning unit.  A little southern engineering with aluminum duck tape has it holding together, but I’m only running it a few minutes at a time. 

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More Rain

     It is so nice to have to empty the rain gauge this week.  I was out of town on Thursday and Friday, but when I returned yesterday evening I emptied out 1.72 inches which fell Wednesday night thru Friday morning.  Overnight more storms moved thru with gusty winds and brilliant lightning.  It’s s sight and sound you love as long as it doesn’t include any tornadoes.

     At least we are not expected to reach 100 again for the next several days.  Let’s hope for a tropical system in the Gulf to bring Texas and south Arkansas much needed rain.

Much Needed Rainfall

     First let me say that I am slowly trying to get used to this new blog site.  It has a lot of moving parts and I’m not real thrilled with the color scheme.  I may experiment with some of the other free templates.

     Let’s talk weather for a moment.  This has been one HOT and DRY Summer.  I’m still taken back by the all-time record high temperature of 114 degrees set last week.  I’m not sure I can really tell the difference between 94 and 114 – it’s all too hot for me.    We may have finally broken the extreme heat wave and are now seeing some much needed rainfall.  In the past 24 hours Mike’s Weather World here in west Little Rock’s Chenal Valley officially received 1.41 inches of rain.  It was actually 79 with light rain at mid morning.

     That’s all for now.  I will continue to make improvements on this new site.

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