More Tropical Weather and News on Global Warming

     Well, we are finally getting a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico, but Lee is moving in the wrong direction.  We need a storm to move into Texas…slow down…and gradually move up toward OK and AR.  Even though this storm is moving to the northeast, we will at least get a break from the intense summer heat.  Labor Day may only see highs in the upper 70s…that right – upper 70s.  Lows could drop into the upper 50s giving us just a slight taste of fall.  I’m ready for it.  Bring it on.  I also read on a tweet that the new Farmers Almanac is predicting a “wet and wild” winter. 

     OK, on another of my favorite subjects — Global Warming.  Here is a link to a new study that shows we are NOT responsible for global warming.   What have I been telling you for years. 

     Once I figure out how to log into my blog on my iPhone app I will hopefully be able to post more often.  Don’t forget, you can follow me on twitter @mcmckinney


2 thoughts on “More Tropical Weather and News on Global Warming

  1. Tomorrow we’re supposed to be in the 90s with a low in the 60s. Major cold front. Mon. is forecast to be in the 80s. Rest of the week 90-something. No rain in sight. I’m sure this next week is just a tease and the triple digits will come roaring back.

    I’m exhausted with this heat. It’s wearing me out. I do NOT thrive in it! I break a sweat just doing normal household chores! Aslo, to save I’ve had my house MUCH warmer than my comfort level and it’s taking its toll. I’m sick of leaving the lights off and windows covered. I’ve been living like a mole person or a vampire for months!! It’s gotten ridiculous! I NEED SNOW!!!!! (actually, I’d settle for rain right now. I thinkTX is about to dry up and blow away!

  2. I’m praying we will get a little rain from Lee. The pond has dropped to the point the cows can walk out on the east end and exit the pasture (use to be a water barrier). Speaking of the pasture – it’s in pitiful shape and we’ve been letting them out to graze on the gas pipeline some. For that matter, our yard is pitiful looking, too. No automatic sprinkling systems in the country so only the weeds seem to be green.

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